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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Back when...and now!!

Every day's a great day for hockey ~ Mario Lemieux
Not everything we learned in high school was taught in the classroom. Many a lesson was learned back then from experiences outside those hallowed halls. Before class, after class and on weekends, many guys would passionately pit bodies and minds against fearsome opponents at the hockey rink. Character was formed and friendships were forged.

For some, the passion remains.

(l-r) Taylor Colbourne, Alex Murley, Dave Pardy, Lorne Keeping, Doug House, Bob Warren, George King and
Earl Anstey.

On the sidelines - Bill Coles

After all the years (now in their 60s), playing about 90 games a season, these former students still agree 'every day's a great day for hockey'.

On the ice or off "friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of life" and these hockey players and their friends find the time once a week for extra

(l-r) Bill Coles, Doug House, Bud Goulding, Bob Day, Len Bursey, Bob Diamond, Calvin Andrews and Tom Power